A Short Outline


As a high functioning individual who walks along the gifted evolutionary spectrum’s of A.D.H.D., Low Latent Inhibition (L.L.I), Acquired Savant Syndrome and other divergent mindsets, I have excelled in the business and IT fields for the past 25 years as a creator of realities, game designer, writer, innovator, entrepreneur, consultant and employee. I’ve always believed in the simplicity of design: nothing needs to be complicated. I don’t hide my neurological gifts, I understand and embrace them as powerful cosmic game changers that can help others and because of this I position myself to where my strengths will benefit others the most during times of great need.

I am an architect and developer of small to large scale software designs and a master debugging specialist. My abilities to see the “big picture” and work within the Macro to Micro on any Systems Level of thinking allow me to create vision and trivialize seemingly complex problems and tasks that would be daunting to most. My invaluable ability to hyper-focus leaves many behind and speeds up the creation and completion time for all projects. I work best with small specialized teams in a mentor role where I guide others on different tasks and problems, this utilizes my talents and gifts much more effectively: the less I have to throttle my high vibrations, the faster I can work.

I continually climb the shoulders of all those before me always looking to find solutions outside the box and wanting to learn from past experiences; I help others see a much shorter and simpler path to completion. I have worked with small and large based teams to replace big, complex frameworks with much smaller,  distributed, more elegant solutions. Overall, this has provided greater scalability, flexibility and maintainability to the products that I have been involved with.