About The Trinity Capstone Team


Calling all humans! Can you imagine a future built by humanity, for humanity? We can. We did – and we are asking you to help us make it happen.

Our mission (yours and ours) is to help shape a future reality that works for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation and without ecological offense or disadvantage to anyone.

Why are we doing this?

It’s simple…our current planetary civilization is in dire straits! The empirical data is irrefutable: There is a rapidly growing dis-ease among all sectors that govern humanity. Earth’s life support systems are degrading at exponential rates and our ability to foresee a future that includes ‘us’ is waning. We are unequivocally enveloped within a pattern of digressive events and are on the cusp of experiencing the fastest rate of collapse ever to grip a civilization.

Fortunately there are many incredible ecosystems of humanitarian change that exist today whose contributions play a vital role in solving this ubiquitous problem. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons the impact of these amazing initiatives has not been felt on a scale large enough to generate the kind of globally unified purpose of mind that will divert the evolution of mankind away from the very real possibility of extinction. We need a catalyst!

Using science, Big Data/History, the Internet of Things and by standing on the shoulders of all those who have helped shape our world, the Divergent Unity team has developed what we call a Catalyst (re)Education Framework designed to usher humanity into a new reality that exists as a thriving space-faring culture (by “space-faring” we are referring to a state of planetary progress as in ‘space age’, not to suggest that we are all going trade in our planet-side lives for a life in space). The generation of this future is built on a foundation of truth, love, perspective, technology and involves re-defining each person’s role in world governance and actively re-imagining what we want the world to be.

What does this Catalyst (re)Education Framework look like?

On paper it looks like a bunch of mindmaps and whiteboard scrawl. But in practice it is a set of tools we can use to generate a new reality. Below is a list of the core implementations of the framework:

Augmented Reality Game Studio
Research Group/Think Tank
Education/Training Facility
Career Centre
Media Production Group

We have imagined a prosperous future ‘built by humanity, for humanity’ and would like your help in transforming it into a reality. Thank you for taking the time to think about our idea. Now it’s time to power up, join the Game of Frequencies and become the HERO of Humanity we all need!