The projects we focus on at Divergent Unity are just that: divergent creations from around the globe that act as critical fragments to a new futuristic whole where an empowered humanity will excel without question.

As a Space Catalyst Exploration Group, we venture into realms never traveled before and gather together highly divergent minds from all ecosystems to help innovate within and explore these areas. If you are looking for a comfortable place with hard predefined rules, it is not here. We are the Trinity Capstone, the golden arrow head that pierces through the darkness and blazes a trail to destinations yet to be conceived.

We are HEROES For Humanity who exist outside a broken normalized system and subscribe to no labels that dis-empower unique individual gifts granted upon the children of earth. As Knightly Hackers, we understand all Systems in play at a Cosmic level and have now assembled to create a new world that includes all races of mankind, not just the select few.

We deal in very hard Truths, without borders, generated from the vast corners of Big Data. We see very clearly the Code-base Of Humanity and know how to program new empowerment modules from outside the old controlling Axiom of our dire times. Like the many great minds before us, we walk within the Mysteries Of Creation to download and recompile what has never been accomplished before.

We deliver the impossible.