Rebooting All Humanities Systems

 Building A Master Piece For All Humanity

It has never been more possible in our collective time line then right now to rewrite humanities Core Systems Of Beliefs on a catalytic scale never before understood let alone comprehended.

‘Systems thinking’ is a term used to describe a perspective and a set of methods and tools that make it possible to look at the full extent of a system, rather than at fragments or parts. Taking a Universal Systems Level approach, it becomes clear that messy, longstanding problems are created by the sub-systems in which they exist. In regards to the Systems Of Everything that govern our current reality, to innovate on the social and environmental problems that now plague humanity on mass, it’s necessary to find new highly divergent ways to see, interact with, understand and use the current corrupted systems against itself in order to generate a whole new reality for all people to thrive within.

Systems thinkers see the whole picture, understand the relationships in the system and can identify opportunities for very strategic interventions that might really make a difference at root levels of understanding, those fine fundamental principles that govern the Rules Of Everything. Now, when it comes to uplifting humanity out of the multiple extinction level events that have engulfed us as a collective species, how divergent are you willing to become in order to help deliver the global solution Divergent Unity has designed?

My Kind are Marvericks that walk as outliers on the edges of evolution who understand the global system from a cosmic point of view back down to the micro level. We have created a new Systems Level Architectural road map to stand upon, a higher level base line of Being and thinking, with a series of implementations in order to deliver a 1-5 Catalyst holistic change in the world to empower all people, not just the select few. Soon we are going to deliver this to all people around the world, it is time for Comic change.