Traditional Resume

Team Leadership

Team lead for a number of projects in architecture, design and implementation.
Provided guidance to engineers and managers. Mentored a series of co-ops through the years, guiding them through best practices, coding and simplified design.

Continually looked to demonstrate and implement processes that made overall development faster, easier to maintain, with minimal overhead on release.

Worked with managers to ensure that we were designing and implementing the proper features. As the architect, I needed to continually draw out requirements and refine existing ones until they knew exactly what they wanted.

Provided Lunch-and-Learn sessions for the company in Unit Testing, database usage and data modelling practices. Wrote supporting documentation, and recorded videos on best-practices in Database development and Unit Testing.

Introduced distributed and scalability designs to the company, by summarizing information and writing how-to articles. Aggregated design patterns, best practices, post-mortems into a developers handbook for my team members.

Continually iterated on process improvements to improve ramp-up time on new products, prototypes and functionality testing.

Technical Leadership

Implemented a plug-in style framework, demonstrating the high success rates that this architecture delivers in terms of manageability, scalability, testability and distributed design.

Introduced the concepts, design patterns and effective usage of SQL Server, Oracle, SQLLite, NoSQL databases. This included writing how-to articles and providing guidance to the team in how to use them appropriately.

Re-wrote large portions of this client/server product and fixed many architecture and coding issues with it’s earlier design. Stabilized the product within 4 months.
DDS Architecture: I helped introduce and implement coding patterns using Scripting Concepts, and technologies such as Lua and Node.JS.

Introduced and designed an architecture used to modernize a legacy executable, allowing for reuse and migrating to REST enabled development.

Designed a new product centred around aggregating disparate data sources and their results into a common datastore, and making their results available for consumption over the web.

Lead framework design, message queuing and other architectural designs for a twenty year old product that got upgraded with the latest technology.

Created a new framework for dynamically loading resource and service assemblies at runtime, allowing for high code reuse. Implemented the framework with a team of three, and successfully rolled out the framework on a number of products. This reduced ramp-up times for new developers being introduced to these projects.

Unit Testing Framework and Architecture: Introduced and led the company to a Test Driven Design environment. I designed and implemented a framework that integrated with their current custom build processes and assemblies. I helped with many upgrades to their custom build processes, looking to improve it’s design through the use of Jenkins and other tools.
Provided help with the QA process in testing products using industry patterns that should be followed.

Modeled and implemented a new communication protocol to use for new and existing products called Object State Definitions. The simplification of this design allowed for very fast testing and product development in a multi-tiered distributed environment where disparate processes and code environments are used.

Introduced and implemented a simplified process of code generation that greatly enhanced our abilities to design fast, try new thing’s and prototype solutions in a distributed environment with minimal throwaway code from production time.

Introduced messaging architectures, demonstrating how they can greatly simplify the bridging of disparate technologies, languages and design.

Past Experience 1992++

In 1992, I conceived my first viable business idea and launched it in full ernest come 1993: NERO Canada Inc. This business was Canada’s first Live Action Role Playing (LARP) game and has over a thousand players where upwards of two-hundred people a weekend attend our events each year. Set in an ever evolving medieval story world, players will dress up in medieval garb and play characters in an Alternate Reality Gaming (ARG) setting and follow quest lines, battle monsters and save the world on a regular basis.

Since NC’s inception, roughly ten other organizations have sprung up all over Ontario. The individuals who had first started out in our gaming world learned from us and then went on to do their own thing. NC still runs today, providing as much entertainment to individual’s as it did upon opening day.

A few years later, after my first start-up, since the lending market hadn’t evolved to accepting unique gaming idea’s as a viable business yet, I had to embrace my self-taught computer programming skills that started at 8 years of age and enter into the IT field. I wanted to evolve NERO Canada at this time, but the banks couldn’t comprehend the gaming style (the term ‘Alternate Reality Gaming’ wasn’t even conceived yet) and unless you were a large gaming house in that era, money wouldn’t be loaned to just a few young eager kids.

I entered into the IT Corporate field in 1996 and by that time, my first business was running itself very successfully. I initially started out as a full-time programmer but quickly moved into the consulting field, starting my second business in 1998: Light Wizard Gaming Productions Inc. I spent the next 15 years as a solutions expert and mastered the art of small to large scale software and systems design guidance, architecture and debugging along with mentoring, article writing, and critical implementation of solutions to small and large companies throughout Canada and the U.S.A.

In-between all that, I would go on to set the foundations for the next evolution of my first company and incorporate ‘HEROES Entertainment Inc.’ in 2006. Unfortunately, after some time with prototype play, I realized my vision was well ahead of its time and I had to shelve the company and wait for the right market conditions to arise. The good news is, the goldilocks moment of our time has arrived, humanity is ready for ascension.


Autodidact: My knowledge is built from a consilience of big data that spans all Academic teachings and the full spectrum of human history. There is nothing I don’t touch when it comes to finding divergent solutions to any problems that exist within the universe!

Attended Bishop’s University in 1993 – had to drop out when my mother passed away from Cancer. Started my first business afterwards and never looked back.