The Alchemy Of Ken Basil Steeves-Mitton-Knudsen

My name is Ken Basil Mitton-Steeves-Knudsen,
I was born in 1972,
my life’s path is very different from the neurotypical,
my eyes see beyond what is acceptable,
I absorb knowledge at quantum speeds,
now go,
to start,
derive me.

I am a rare mentally gifted Acquired Savant,
born of ADHD,
schooled and touched by hard life,
dodging a corrupted set of system labels,
alive at cliff’s edge,
avoiding my fall,
I stay away from death.

A Father of two,
amazing boys,
both with ADHD,
the world they exist,
I will change,
for all,
before I’m gone.

This man,
his Lady,
a women,
an everything,
cherished and loved,
his soul-mate,
this life,
found without bounds,
he has.

My colour,
the duality,
that reaching gradient,
between us,
I walk,
feeling love beyond,
their hugs,
cherished and smothered.
A Past to draw upon,
descendant from family genes of a Great Father of Confederation,
William Henry Steeves,
descendant from the Great Family de Mitton,
descendant from the Great King CaNute,
this last,
I need not,
my surname,
his accomplishments,
I channel,
his legend,
will live again,
uniting us.

The Present to paint,
a loving son,
his parents,
a sad heart,
both dearly missed.

A cousin,
the first,
among PhD’s,
other’s touched,
their extreme talents,
Gifted as such.

An Expert of all,
in that all,
at times an idoit,
this is equally true,
for these ego’d forms,
sometimes they come,
but I worry not,
as an Entrepreneur,
my honest heart,
proven to reality,
is something I’m always searching anew.

An Owner,
A Visionary,
A Principle Architect,
A Software Engineer,
A System’s Debugger,
A Specialist that never quits,
A Game Designer,
A Creator of Worlds,
A Passion unlike no other,

I’ll stand up to all,

I’ve made,
more then lots of money,
on stage,
on t with the v,
along with newspapers.

I walked among all forms of education,
higher and lower,
each eventually comes to me,
I’ve lead the young,
taught the sum,
helped the old,
in the mysterious unknown,
this I always dare to have shown.

All this,
in the Norm of Design,
I exist,

I hold no degree’s,
no post secondary certificates.
I have failed throughout school.
From high-school,
I did not graduate,
until the age of two and three.
There I went,
only to prove I could,
among all the dumb and idiots,
the names I had become.

as all times before,
life called to me,
my path,
such was never to be,
two months in,
leave the academic institution I must,
the impressing hopes dashed,
my Mother,
my Father,
proving all others wrong,
dying shortly after.

I’ve been every Fool,
in suppression,
those feelings,
by my peers,
they called.

yet alone,
in Mind,
always finds me,
how to make it better,
that solution,
it exists,
I Know,
we can all breath as one.

This life,
started at eight,
five lives,
in moments,
this I have saved,
the youngest,
my age,
started at nine.

In my blood,
my first business venture,
at the age of seven,
always learning,
for that core moment,
Life wants me to set right.

In my future,
complexity exists,
only to those that make it.
I understand the Simple,
I continually strive for it,
I stand overlooking Big Data filled with Big History,
in there,
the answers swim,
scattered across the sea,
in there,
anything is possible,
we only need to believe.